Jack Morris


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TrailPro is a fitness app for trail runners, and you could think of it as a cross between a conventional running app (Strava, Runkeeper, etc), and a hiking app (AllTrails, Komoot, etc). It sits at the end of the chain: you can record your workouts in your preferred app, and as long as they're written to Apple Health (along with location data), you can visualize and analyze them in TrailPro.

It's entirely free (and ad-free), and available now for iOS. Check it out on the App Store.


I started trail running a few years ago, enjoying the focus on being in nature, the variable pacing associated with different terrain, and the technical challenges of steep inclines and declines. I was also suffering from some knee pain at the time, and the reduction in impact from running on trails rather than concrete (along with my beloved bouncy Hoka Speedgoats) suited my legs better.

Whilst tracking with typical running apps like Strava or Apple Workout is perfectly fine, I felt a disparity between the data I wanted to see, and the data they wanted to show me. When trail running I often change my approach depending on the terrain (whether that be walking up a particularly steep slope, or stopping to take photos or take in nutrition), however any changes in pace messed up my split times, and made it more difficult to compare performance across runs.



If you have any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you!

Privacy Policy

TrailPro is operated solely by myself, Jack Morris. I have no interest in your personal data, so TrailPro collects none. The only data accessible by me is some lightweight entirely-anonymized usage data captured through TelemetryDeck, which I use solely for the purposes of improving the app. This data does not personally identify you in any way.

Your workout data stays fully on-device, and all analysis is done there. Your photos (if you choose to enable access, it's totally optional) are also only accessed on-device and fetched when required. Any notes or equipment you associate with your sessions, as well as limited in-app preferences, are synced over iCloud to your devices that are also signed in to your Apple ID. I have no access to this data, which is managed by Apple and goverened by Apple's privacy policy.